• General Information for Students

    Kirkwood has been a one-to-one (1:1) district for several years, so we are used to technology being an important part of learning.  Our students are skilled users of iPads and laptops, and our teachers regularly make use of technology to help you think, collaborate, create, and achieve.  With our schools temporarily closed, we are ready to begin K-12 teaching and learning online for the first time in our history - and you get to help us make it happen.

    Below you will find initial information for students, including what you can expect from online learning and we need to expect from you. You can click on the arrows or "Expand All" to learn more.

  • How will we have school without actually going to school?

  • Will I ever actually see my teacher and friends?

  • When will we start with online school?

  • How can students prepare for learning online?

  • When will teachers be online to support students’ learning?

  • What will my school day look like?

  • What can I do to be most successful with online learning?

  • What if students have technology issues or need help with Schoology or Zoom?

  • Are there options available to families who do not have WiFi access?

  • What if I’m nervous about online learning?