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    Congratulations to our 2022-2023 KHS Pommies Dance Team!  There will be a parent / athlete meeting in early May (that date will be announced shortly). We are looking forward to a great year of dancing with you all!


    Varsity Coach

    Danielle Klevorn


    Scarlet Adams

    Emma Barry

    Lora Bensinger 

    Sasha Boyd

    Addie Campbell

    Avery Campbell

    Maggie Cannon

    Natalie Dale

    Tori Dillon

    Nellie Fowler

    Caroline Geeting

    Morgan Gilster

    Greta Gilster

    Allison Glaser

    Maddie Goh

    Abby Gordon

    Abby Greene

    Hailey Hobbs

    Avery Laciny

    Clara Linhares

    Cia McCormac

    Claire McGinnis

    Zoe Nauman

    Josie Oppermann

    Abby Paden

    Chloe Popp

    Maddie Rowan

    Josie Sausville

    Lola Savage

    Carly Smith

    Caroline Steidley

    Sophia Webb

    Alex Werner