Early Dismissal:

    If it is necessary to be excused early from school, a student must bring a note signed by a parent or legal guardian to the main office before school. An early dismissal pass will be given. All students must sign out at the office when leaving the building. 

    Scheduled Dismissal or Absence:

    If a student brings a valid note for early dismissal, it should be taken to the main office or attendance office before school so a yellow slip can be issued noting the time of dismissal. The student will give the pass to the teacher at the beginning of the period in which the student is to be dismissed.

    Students planning to be absent for more than 3 days may procure some assignments in advance of the absence.  It is important to note that students are responsible for completing all assignments missed due to an absence.  If a student informs you of an upcoming absence, please be sure to inform Carolyn Pierce at ext. 7303.

    Reporting An Illness Or Absence:

    If a student is ill and cannot attend school, parents should notify the attendance office, 314.213.6100  extension 7 3 0 3, by 7:45 a.m.. Any student who has been ill should not come back to school until their temperature has been normal and or diarrhea or vomiting has ceased for at least 24 hours. Please call in daily if your child will not be attending school.

    Students who are injured or become ill at school must report to a teacher and get a pink slip to see the school nurse. A parent, guardian, or contact person will be notified before an ill or injured student is sent home.

    Sign In Procedures:

    All students who arrive late to school (after 8:00 AM) should report to the main office to sign-in.  The students will receive a yellow slip from a secretary and be expected to go directly to their locker and then to class.

    If a pink pass is received, that means the student did not sign in at one of the offices (he/she was in a different area of the building). In this case, it is your responsibility to call Carolyn at x7303 to verify the student’s presence.

    Students returning to school after an appointment are to sign-back-in with the main office where they will receive a yellow pass admitting them back to class.