AP:  AP stands for Advanced Placement. AP offers college level curriculam and examinations to high school students. Some colleges and universities may grant course credit to student.  Learn more about AP Tests

    PSAT: The PSAT is a practice exam for the SAT. It is a shortened version of the SAT. The PSAT is given in October every year and students sign up and pay for the exam at Kirkwood High School. Sophomores and Juniors are encouraged to take this exam, however it is not mandatory. In order to qualify for the National Merit Competition, you must take this exam as a junior. If you have more questions about the PSAT please contact your college college counselor.  Learn more about the PSAT.  

    Practice ACT:  The Practice ACT is given to all KHS students in the junior class. Each year the Practice ACT takes place in September. This exam is a full length ACT that gives each student real time composite score. The Princeton Review gives a score back session each fall to explain each section of the ACT as well as test prep information. Students will receive their scores during the school day, scores will not be mailed home.  The Practice ACT will be given to KHS Juniors on September 18th.

    ACT: A standarized test used for college admission and scholarships.  If you plan to attend to a 4-year school, you should begin taking the ACT during your junior year.  It is a test you can take multiple times, 2019-20 National ACT Testing Dates, and it is offered through National Testing sites throughout the year.  Learn more about the ACT.  

    SAT: A standardized test that can be used for college admission and scholarships. The SAT is a standardized test meant to show schools how prepared students are for college by measuring key skills like reading comprehension, computational ability, and clarity of expression.  It is a test you can take multiple times and it is offered through National Testing sites throughout the year.  Learn more about the SAT.

    SAT Subject Tests:  College admission exams on specific subjects that allow a student to showcase academic strengths that are not highlighted on the ACT or SAT.  SAT Subject tests can be required or recommended at certain universities. Students can take up to three SAT Subject tests in one sitting. Students cannot take the SAT and Subject tests in the same sitting.  KHS does not offer any SAT or SAT Subject tests at at this time.  Learn more about SAT Subject Tests.