• Kirkwood High school offers an Extended School Year program (ESY) for its students during the month of June. The program consists of credit recovery and credit enhancement courses. You may enroll in either credit recovery or credit enhancement-not both. Both programs require strict attendance-lack of attendance will result in being dropped from the course.


    Credit Recovery

    Credit recovery courses are designed for students who fail a core class (Social Studies, Math, English, & Science) and must retake the class to meet a graduation requirement. Courses run 4 hours in length for 17 days.  

    Bus service is available for students eligible for transportation.

    Credit Recovery will begin on May 29th. This date is subject to change due to winter weather. 

    If you are enrolled in Credit Recovery, you are ineligible to take Credit Enhancement courses. 

    Credit Enhancement

    Kirkwood High School offers the following courses during the summer: Lifetime Fitness, Health, Personal Finance and ACT Prep.

    Credit Enhancement courses run for a total of 20 days (not including weekends).

    The Lifetime Fitness class will be offered at KHS and will run from May 29th through June 24th. These dates are subject to change due to winter weather. 

    The ACT Prep class will be offered online through Launch. All Launch summer courses will start on June 3rd and end on June 28th.

    There is no information on whether Health and Personal Finance will be offered online or onsite at this time. 

    The onsite Credit Enhancement courses will begin on May 28th. These dates are subject to change due to winter weather.

    The online Credit Enhancement courses offered through Launch begin on June 3rd.

    Priority for enrollment is given to rising senior students who need the course for graduation. Students can take one course for ½ credit or two courses for 1 credit.

    Please Note: Some individuals in past years have had compatability issues with our link. Make sure your web browser is up to date. If you can't see the form on your mobile device, please try using a computer.

    The most a student can earn is 1.0 credit in the Extended School Year program.