• Kirkwood High school offers an Extended School Year program (ESY) for its students during the month of June. The program consists of credit recovery and credit enhancement courses. You may enroll in either credit recovery or credit enhancement-not both. Both programs require strict attendance-lack of attendance will result in being dropped from the course. 

    Credit Recovery

    Credit recovery courses are designed for students who fail a core class (Social Studies, Math, English, & Science) and must retake the class to meet a graduation requirement. Courses run 4 hours in length for 17 days.  

    ESY Recovery 2020 starts on 5/27 and ends on 6/18. 

    THE RECOVERY COURSES THIS YEAR WILL BE DELIVERED ONLINE. An email will be sent out to the students and families detailing online expectations. 

    If you are enrolled in Credit Recovery, you are ineligible to take Credit Enhancement courses. 

    Credit Enhancement

    High School Summer Programming Through LAUNCH

    All current 8th-11th grade students can take online courses for credit this summer through LAUNCH, a KSD partner based out of Springfield Public Schools.  There is no cost to families OR the Kirkwood School District for these courses, with funding allocated to Springfield Public Schools through the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

    LAUNCH courses are offered in June and July.  Students can potentially take up to two courses per month or four courses per summer, if desired.

    Interested families should enroll students directly through LAUNCH and Springfield Public Schools, using this link: https://www.sps.org/explore.  We also ask our families to complete a brief KSD Google Form to let us know for which classes you have registered.

    All courses work on iPads or laptops issued by KSD, which students will be keeping at home this summer.

    Students who do not log in and participate within the first two days of each session will be automatically dropped by the LAUNCH office.


    Families are encouraged to review course offerings on the LAUNCH high school website.

    Below is a flyer from Launch about their Summer catalog.

    LAUNCH Summer 2020 Catalog