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Enroll in LAUNCH for Summer

KSD & Launch

There is no cost for Kirkwood families to participate in Launch summer programming.

Students can register for classes up to the first day of each session, June 3 and July 8, with the
exception of PE.  Enrollment will stop for PE classes two weeks before the start of each session.

Launch Website - On their website, scroll below for additional information about course offerings.

High School Students (current 8 – 11 graders)

For additional information about high school coursework via Launch, please contact your
grade level counselor or Amber Kapral. Do NOT fill out the form below.

Elementary & Middle School Students (current K-7 graders)

Current K-7 families interested in summer Launch offerings and/or academies are asked
to complete our registration form. (Make sure to click the "Next" button at the bottom of the form to enroll in Launch).  Please note that Kirkwood staff will use information from this form to register you with Launch.



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