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Kirkwood Jumpstart - Program Description & Student Experience

Our goal is to aggressively support the academic and social-emotional development of current, rising K-5 grade students who would most benefit from additional summer instruction in smaller settings.  This will be accomplished through (1) engaging summer learning, with a heavy emphasis on developing literacy and math skills, (2) pre-teaching of curriculum for upcoming grade levels, with decisions guided by student data and needs, and (3) direct instruction with district-adopted resources for Tier I and small group/targeted intervention.

  • Students will meet in person from 9:00-3:00, Monday-Friday from July 8-August 2. 
  • Much student learning will center around literacy and math, with teachers utilizing district-adopted resources used during the school year (i.e. Heggerty, Sonday, Units of Study, Second Step, Investigations).  We also expect summer students will engage in fun thematic and/or problem-based experiences.
  • Our target audience for KSD Jumpstart includes current K-4 students (rising K-5th graders) who would benefit most from additional learning time in smaller settings.  Current fifth graders will be included in middle school programming.
  • All students/teachers meet at Tillman Elementary School (230 Quan Avenue).
  • Class sizes will be limited to 10-12 students per teacher.
  • Each elementary school aims to fill roughly 10-12 spots per grade level, although these numbers may vary by need.
  • Confirmation of enrollment will be shared no later than May 1.  Preference will be given to students who can attend in person for at least 18 of the 20 instructional days.
  • Interested families should contact your classroom teacher, building principal, and/or Elizabeth Lock, Executive Director of Multi-Tiered Systems of Support.
  • Additional details will be added to this site throughout the spring and summer.

Enrichment and/or Adaptive Academies via Launch - Online Only - REGISTER HERE

  • Online classes are available to all current K-4 students through Launch, a KSD partner based out of Springfield Public Schools.  There is no cost to families or the Kirkwood School District for these courses, with funding through the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).
  • Launch courses are offered from June 3-28 and July 8-Aug 2. 
  • Elementary Enrichment Programming is only in the month of June from June 3 to June 28
  • Students can take up to two adaptive courses per month or four courses per summer, if desired.
  • Students who do not log in and participate at once per week will be automatically dropped after two weeks.
  • The enrichment theme during the month of June is Olympic Tour.  Additional information about these classes can be found below.  Each includes 6 hours of daily, teacher-supported instruction.
  • Adaptive academies in reading, math, and coding include access to adaptive software and regular one-on-one and small group support opportunities with teachers. 
  • Students can register for classes up to the first day of each session, June 3 and July 8.
  • KSD students who participate in Jumpstart (July 8-Aug 2) can participate in Launch Session 1 (June 3-28).  Students cannot be enrolled in KSD and Launch programming at the same time, however.

Launch Course Information

Launch invites students in grades 1-5 to participate in engaging summer programming and theme-focused courses for both June and July! All elementary enrichment and academy offerings provide remediation services and extended support for elementary learners.

June: Olympic Tour
On your mark… Get set… Go! It’s off to the races in this month-long course, which invites students in grades 1 through 5 to explore the world’s most-popular sporting competition! Students will examine Olympic history, learn about a wide world of cultures and study both individual and team Olympic sports. Entertaining, engaging content is designed to allow students to work their way through targeted, grade-level science, social studies, math and reading instruction as well as fine arts and PE activities. Enroll now for a month of touring, exploring and learning from home!


This academy was created for all computer-loving kiddos. Students are assessed at their learning level and learn how apps and games are created, and they even have a chance to make their own video game! This academy is offered at both the elementary and middle school levels.
This course allows students to explore how they can use photography to express themselves. Multiple avenues provide photography and writing inspiration, and students utilize a variety of tech tools to research as well as write and illustrate their own book. This course does a great job at expanding the classroom beyond its traditional sense, all while giving students an opportunity to expand their communication skills.