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ALA Challenged Book Lists

The American Library Association (ALA) publishes a yearly list of the Top 10 Most Challenged Books, based on information gathered from communities across the United States.  According to our analysis, 98 different books or series were named to ALA's Top 10 list in one or more years between 2001-2022, spanning a number of age recommendations and genres.  Sixty-two of these 98 titles are available in one or more of Kirkwood's school libraries, as of August 15, 2023. 

Books listed below are currently available for checkout, organized by school.  Most books are also linked to Kirkus Reviews, one of several professional journals used to inform purchasing decisions by librarians.  Families wishing to restrict a student's checkout privileges for some or all books on this list can submit a school-specific request form, accessible HERE.  We encourage families to read reviews and do their own research before making decisions about what is best for their children.