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Strength & Conditioning

Course Description

Strength and Conditioning in middle school is a wellness course designed to emphasize the importance of weight training and cardiovascular fitness.  The student will learn age appropriate training principles associated with strength/aerobic training, Olympic style lifting, speed/agility/coordination, and a variety of functional movements.  To show personal development, students will be required to track their progress.  Games will be incorporated periodically to show the positive correlation between movement and cardiovascular fitness.

Grade Level(s): 6th-8th

Related Priority Standards (State &/or National):

Essential Questions

  • What concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics are related to movement and performance?
  • How can I achieve and maintain health-enhancing levels of physical activity and fitness?
  • How can I demonstrate responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others?
  • What is the value of physical activity?

Enduring Understandings/Big Ideas

Students will responsibly and cooperatively work together to achieve a (course, unit, skill) goal with focus, effort (grit), and consistency, where each student develops an intrinsic appreciation for the pursuit of wellbeing.

Course-Level Scope & Sequence (Units &/or Skills)

Unit 1: Safety & Proper Form/Technique

  • Introduction to equipment
  • Introduction to safety techniques

Unit 2: Routine Development:  Beginner

  • Teaching and development of effective routines
  • Understanding the purpose of routines

Unit 3: Routine Development: Progressive

  • Teaching and development of effective routines
  • Understanding the purpose of routines

Unit 4: Program Design

  • Creating a personalized program
  • Applying concepts to/within routine development

Unit 5: Strength & Conditioning/Cross Training

  • Learning the importance of cross-training
  • Explosure to lifetime fitness opportunities

**Module length will vary depending on length of course (Quarter, Semester, Year)

Course Resources & Materials: A range of PE equipment is available to students and teachers at each middle school.  Teachers may also use YouTube videos and/or apps to support teaching of skills and videos to promote physical activity.  FitnessGram is used to monitor student progress on fitness assessments.

Date Last Revised/Approved: 2018