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Multimedia Broadcast

Course Description

Students taking Multimedia Broadcast produce the live broadcast of KHTV and create content for, which includes daily news and school announcements, news story packages, promos, and public service announcements. Students work in a lab environment under the guidance of student producers and an adviser as they master various skills including camera work, interviewing, digital editing, pre-and post-production, and advertising and promotions. Students will be expected to meet daily and long-term deadlines on project-based, out-of-class assignments. Students spend approximately 20 hours each month outside of class independently and/or during
publication deadlines.

Grade Level(s): 9th-12th Grades

Related Standards (State &/or National):  Missouri Show-Me Standards

Course-Level Scope & Sequence (Units &/or Skills)

Learning targets for this course include:

  • Students will utilize equipment effectively.
    • Mount a camera on a tripod for filming steady, tight, medium, and wide shots
    • Use handheld and lavalier microphones for interviews, reporter standup, and voiceover capture
    • Ultize editing equipment to combine interview and b-roll footage with reporter standup and/or voiceover as a final story package for broadcast
  • Students will understand the role and function of broadcast journalism.
    • Recognize and analyze the varying levels of broadcast, from breaking news to commentary to entertaining features
    • Explain the aesthetic use of videography and reporting to involve various audiences, including different ethnicities and genders
    • Understand the responsibility of reporting news for various audiences
  • Students will understand and apply knowledge of law and ethics related to the broadcast industry.
    • Understand and apply regulations of the TV broadcast industry, including journalism ethics, FCC regulations, copyright issues, student-affected court cases, such as Tinker vs. DesMoines and Hazelwood vs. Kuhlmeier
    • Understand and apply First Amendment rights for high school journalism
    • Understand and apply the purpose for utilization of the Student Presss and Law Center
  • Students will understand and apply the principles of broadcast journalism.
    • Generate story ideas with focus and appropriate sources
    • Utilize interviewing techniques
    • Write broadcast copy
  • Students will analyze and evaluate media.
    • Identify and analyze the effectiveness of strategies used to reach specific audiences
    • Analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of programming decisions
  • Students will understand how broadcast productions are created and disseminated.
    • Identify technical elements
    • Understand roles of personnel, including producers, technical directors, camera operators, and new anchors in a news production
    • Create story packages using videography, writing, and editing skills

Date Last Revised/Approved: 2009