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Curriculum Review Committee

This Board-approved committee, which includes students, teachers, parents, and community members, meets several times a year to hear updates from curriculum committees and offer feedback about progress. The work of this committee pertains specifically to efforts in the Curriculum Development stage of our six-year cycle.  Documents will be shared with Curriculum Review Committee members in advance, allowing early review and maximizing our meeting time.

Understanding the purpose of and differences between curriculum and instructional resources is beneficial for members of the Curriculum Review Committee.

  • The curriculum is written to align with the Missouri state standards.  Standards in general, are written at the state or national level, with most aligned in some fashion to research-based standards developed by national or international groups. Our curricula are written by our teachers, working with district-level facilitators.

  • The curriculum includes priority standards, essential skills and questions, enduring understandings, and the scope and sequence in which we teach to address and guide instruction.

  • The District sometimes purchases programs or instructional resources to inform and/or support the delivery of the curriculum. Our teachers and administrators work through a vetting and selection process before recommending the purchase of programs, often developed and sold by outside vendors.

Board Representative:  Laura Hepburn

Chair: Dr. Liz Grana