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Staff within the Kirkwood School District use a wide range of assessments to gather student and programmatic data to inform instruction.  This section of our website highlights several types of assessments students may complete, from early childhood through high school.  Use the tab to the left to explore further.  


Comprehensive Assessment System Handout


Assessment is an integral component of the learning process. Having the right assessment at the right time allows us to address the needs of students as well as provide insight to teachers regarding what skills/standards have or have not been mastered.

Just-in-Time/Short Cycle Assessments
Part of formative assessment process; Confirm that specific learning has taken place and provide data to inform instruction that follows
Who: All students
When: Ongoing/Continuous as part of Instruction

Progress Monitoring Assessments
Evaluate progress toward learning target per the rates of improvement for the specific skill being targeted by an intervention
Who: All students receiving supplemental and intensive instruction
When: Weekly-Bi-Weekly as part of instruction

Universal Screening Assessments
Identify which students are in need of additional assistance to meet learning goals
Who: All students
When: At beginning of year and 1-2x throughout the year as indicated in Benchmark Calendar found in the Schoology MTSS course

Interim Assessments
Measure students’ standards proficiency
Who: All students in particular grade
When: Periodically/seasonally (e.g., fall, winter, spring)

Diagnostic Assessments
Pinpoint specific area of academic, behavioral, or social emotional need
Who: Students, groups, and grades flagged by universal screening
When: Follow-up to universal screening assessment

Summative Assessments
Evaluate, certify, and/or grade learning at the end of a specific period of instruction
Who: All students
When: End of year, end of course, end of unit, classroom summative

Assessment Timing: 

  • Just-in-Time / Short Cycle (Formative) - Ongoing
  • Universal Screening - 2-3x / Year
  • Diagnostic - 2-3x / Year
  • Progress Monitoring - Weekly / Bi-weekly
  • Interim - 2-3x / Year
  • Summative - End of year, end of term, end of course