• Summer School Power Hour - Live via Zoom & Facebook on May 25

    KSD is excited to offer expanded options for student learning this summer, with in-person and online programming for current K-12 students.  To help families better understand these options, we hosted a Power Hour on May 25, live via Zoom and Facebook, to further describe the programs and answer questions.  A recording of the webinar can be found above.

    • 11:30 - Welcome and overview
    • ​11:3​5 - Learn more about expanded options via Launch, with specific focus on K-8 programming
    • Roughly 11:55 - Hear from Andrea Sparkling, administrator for Elementary JumpStart
    • Roughly 12:0​5​ - Hear from Jen Hoell and Matt Gaglio, administrators for Middle School JumpStart
    • Roughly 12:​15 - Hear from Phil Deist, administrator for ESY/Summer School at KHS