• Our 2023 Raffle Squares are on sale now! Sales end Sun 2/12 @ 11am CST.

    When you register to purchase raffle ticket squares, enter each "Attendee" as the name you want on each square.


    1.  The raffle board starts with a 10x10 grid with 100 squares. Numbers 0-9 are randomly assigned to both the top row and the far left column. The AFC team and the NFC team are randomly assigned to either the numbers in the top row or to the numbers in the far left column.

    2.  The cost of each square is $25. Squares will be assigned by random draw. Sales continue until the board is filled. You may purchase as many squares as you wish. If the first board sells out, we will create another board. The first 100 squares sold will be assigned to Board 1, squares 101-200 to Board 2, and so on.  

    3.  The prize purse for each sold-out board is $1,250. At the end of each quarter, the player with the square that has the last digit of both team's scores will win (see example below). Raffle prize amounts are:

              Quarter 1 - $250*

              Quarter 2 - $250*

              Quarter 3 - $250*

              Final Score - $500*

    *If a board does not sell all 100 squares, the prize purse will be determined by the number of tickets sold for that board.

    4.  If a board has not sold out, and there is no clear winner at the end of a quarter or the end of the game, we will deduct one point from BOTH the NFC and the AFC team's scores until we reach a filled square.

    5.  Final boards with participants' first initial and last name (or nickname chosen at the time of purchase) will be posted on the KSDF Facebook page no later than 11:00 a.m. on Super Bowl Sunday (February 12, 2023). Winners will be announced after each quarter and at the end of the game. We will mail each winner their prize the week after the Super Bowl.

    6.  Each day we will post on the KSDF Facebook page the number of empty squares remaining on the board for purchase.

    7.  KSDF may close sales at any time to ensure no board is undersold (less than 50 squares sold). Other remedies for filling squares on an undersold board may include, but are not limited to, assigning two squares to each player, or two numbers to the columns and/or rows.

    Example: Score at end of 1st quarter: NFC 14 - AFC 10. John Doe wins. 

    Super Bowl Raffle