• Initial Recommendations

    1. Conduct equity walks/audits in all buildings at least three times per year, with subsequent changes based on audit feedback
    2. Convene a study group to examine current and possible early learning opportunities across the district and within the community
    3. Design a multi-year training/development program for all new employees to be implemented beginning in 2017-2018
    4. Initiate training for all staff serving in leadership roles (principals, district admin, teacher leaders), with emphasis on those who will be facilitating professional learning going forward
    5. Begin an audit of policies, procedures, and curriculum, with changes made as necessary and appropriate
    6. Conduct deep study around programs and practices yielding success in local, regional, national schools that currently outperform the Kirkwood School District
    7. Conduct regular engagement meetings and/or forums to learn from others and strengthen relationships with community partners
    8. Convene a diverse group to study disciplinary data and practices within the district, with particular emphasis on understanding and addressing disproportionate gaps among black and white students
    9. Provide ongoing, intentional professional learning around high quality instructional strategies that lead to student engagement, visible thinking, and ownership in the learning process
    10. Establish a Cultural Review Committee to review and provide feedback about newly written curriculum, prior to movement to the existing Curriculum Review Committee
    11. Expand existing efforts to retain, attract and hire diverse staff, with an intentional focus on buildings/positions that are currently less diverse
    12. Explore funding opportunities through friend-raising and active communication about needs and work related to the Task Force
    13. Design and implement a systemic, intentional plan to ensure diverse literature, instructional resources, and learning resources are available and accessible in all classrooms
    14. Conduct comprehensive data analysis – disaggregated on many levels, to provide greater insights into strengths, needs, and programmatic deficiencies at the building & district levels
    15. Explore a district-level position or consulting partnership dedicated to diversity and implementation of Task Force recommendations