3/9/22 KEESS: Affinity Groups

11/10/21 KEESS: Critical Race Theory - What is it anyway?

10/6/21 KEESS: Racism - How it Manifests in Schools and What We Can Do to Address it

2/12/21 KEESS: We Are Not Bad

1/19/21 KEESS: BIPOC and What Does it Mean?

11/11/20 KEESS: Eugenics: An Ideology of Hate and an Education of Fear

10/28/20 KEESS: Addressing Equity in the STEM Pipeline

8/18/20 KEESS: Self Awareness and Cultural Competence

8/11/20: KEESS Teaching to Transgress, Transform, and Thrive

8/4/20 KEESS: Leading Equity from Where We Are: How Our Stage of Racial Identity Development Matters

7/21/20 KEESS: The Trauma of Racism

7/14/20 KEESS: The Cultural Violence of White Supremacy

7/7/20 KEESS: We Will Be Changed