GRADUATION REQUIREMENT: All students are required to pass a minimum of 7.5 credits of Electives to graduate.

    When graduation credit requirements are satisfied, additional courses completed in that content area will be delegated an Elective credit.

Courses listed in the following departments also qualify as Elective credit:

  • Journalism
  • World Languages

Journalism Course Descriptions

  • Journalism I

  • Photojournalism

  • Multimedia Broadcast

  • Magazine Journalistic Writing II

  • Magazine Journalistic Writing II Honors

  • Newspaper Journalistic Writing II

  • Newspaper Journalistic Writing II Honors

World Language Course Descriptions

  • Chinese I

  • Chinese II

  • Chinese III Honors

  • Chinese IV Honors

  • French I

  • French II

  • French III Honors

  • French IV Honors

  • AP French Language and Culture

  • German I

  • German II

  • German III Honors

  • German IV Honors

  • AP German Language and Culture

  • Spanish I

  • Spanish II 9

  • Spanish II

  • Spanish III

  • Spanish III Honors

  • Spanish IV

  • Spanish IV Honors

  • AP Spanish Language and Culture