GRADUATION REQUIREMENT: All students are required to pass a minimum of one credit of Physical Education to graduate.

    The State of Missouri requires two semesters of Physical Education. At Kirkwood High School, we focus on personal fitness based classes.  Heart rate monitors may be utilized in order to evaluate a baseline for fitness. Even if you do not consider yourself an athlete, you can excel in our programs to meet your fitness needs. We know that a healthy lifestyle contributes to overall health. High school students should engage in moderate to vigorous activity for 60 minutes nearly every day. We take this charge seriously and make every effort for students to make changes to their lifestyle or learn how to have a healthy one. Our weight room is offered free of charge after school to every current Kirkwood High School student. Currently, it is available Monday through Thursday from 3:00-4:00 PM; supervised by a certified coach to help answer any questions or help set up specific programs.

Physical Education Course Descriptions

  • Aquatics I (PE100C)

  • Dance and Fitness (PE103C)

  • Lifeguard Training (PE107C)

  • Lifetime Fitness (PE101C)

  • Recreational Sports and Fitness (PE104C)

  • Strength, Conditioning and Fitness

  • Team Sports