Glory Run shirt

Glory Run tshirt

Kirkwood Teachers of Color

Glory Run 2021

  • The Glory Virtual Run/Walk Marathon

    The Glory Run is back! Please join friends and community members by participating in the 2nd Annual Glory Run/Walk Virtual Marathon. The Glory Run takes place throughout the month of October. Participants register online, track their miles, and share their experiences and photos to raise funds for a scholarship for a Kirkwood BIPOC (Black, Indigenous People of Color) student as part of KSDF's Named Award Scholarship program. To register for the event, visit the Event Brite website. The external link is:

    If you decide you would like the T-shirt and bandana, but would rather sit this one out, we have a Couch Potato option as well. Please consider a donation to support this scholarship. The external link is:

KTOC Scholarship

  • KTOC Scholarship 

    The Kirkwood Teachers of Color is a group in the Kirkwood School District that strives to connect teachers of color to each other, their administrators, colleagues, and other sources of support and growth. 

    This group provides opportunities that allow teachers of color to receive support and experiences that combine culturally responsive mentoring and coaching with professional development and leadership opportunities relevant to their individual needs and interests. 

    Last year, KTOC established the Kirkwood Teachers of Color Scholarship. This is awarded annually to a Kirkwood High School senior who identifies as Black, Indigenous, or a student of color (BIPOC). This senior must possess a 2.5 or higher GPA and plan to attend a two or four-year academic institution; this will include vocational, technical, or trade schools. 

    As a part of the application process, the student will compose an essay about “Growing Up as Black, Indigenous, or a Student of Color (BIPOC)". This award will be in the amount of $1,000 and will be non-renewable.