• Using Your iPad Clock to Stay Organized

    Our schedules are busy this year, and students are expected to engage in both synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous learning.  Most synchronous learning will include Zoom meetings, often at the beginning of class or learning periods.  K-8 students can use alarms on their iPads to make sure they don’t miss meetings.

Open the Clock App
Set the time.  For example, you might set an alarm for 9:29 if you have a 9:30 reading class or lesson.
Pick the days you need the alarm.
Name your alarm for the class you have at that time.
Any alarms you set will show on this screen.   To add more, tap +.
Click Alarm, then tap +
Choose Repeat if you need this alarm more than one day of the week.
Choose Label
Turn off Snooze, then click Save.