• If you or your student needs more information about our most commonly used apps, please see the information below.

Universal Tools(K-12)

  • Schoology

  • My.Kirkwoodschools.org

  • Zoom

  • Clever

  • Nearpod

  • Google Jamboard

K-8 Tools

  • Epic!

K-5 Tools

  • Kids A-Z/Raz-Kids(K-1)

  • BrainPOP(4-5) and BrainPOP Jr.(K-3)

  • DreamBox(K-5)

General Technology Questions

  • I'm having trouble logging into an app. What should I do?

  • What email address should my student be using?

  • What is my student's username and password?

  • What is my student's AppleID and password?

  • What do I do if my iPad is not responding?

  • Is it normal for the iPad battery to drain so quickly and require recharging frequently?

  • How do I contact support?