• Robinson Community Welcome 

    This welcome information will also be accessible via the Robinson Elementary Web Page found at https://www.kirkwoodschools.org/welcomepacket

    Robinson Welcoming Committee

    Joining a new school is both an exciting AND overwhelming experience! The Robinson Welcoming Committee was started to support new families so the positive parts of starting a new school outweigh those stressors. You can email the Robinson Welcoming Committee at welcometorobinson@gmail.com at any time. We want to answer questions, connect with you at special events, and do whatever it takes to make Robinson feel like your school home.

    Grade Level Parent Guides What is a Parent Guide? Parent Guides are part of a new initiative of the Robinson PTO Welcoming Committee to make sure all our new families to Robinson have a grade specific point of contact to stay informed and connected to the community. Grade Level Parent Guides are here if you have questions, want to be connected to other kids/families in your child’s grade, or need a parent’s perspective on all things Robinson!

    • Kindergarten: Bianca Gaudagnoli (biancaguadagnoli@gmail.com) and Chrissy Denney (cleedenney@gmail.com)
    • First Grade: Dana Scheidt (dana.scheidt@gmail.com) Second Grade: Linsie Chilles (linsie83@yahoo.com)
    • Third Grade: Martha Heisner (marthaheisner@gmail.com) & Ashley Rodemann (ashleyrodemann@hotmail.com)
    • Fourth Grade: Lynsee Marks (lynseemarks@gmail.com)
    • Fifth Grade: Christina Royer (andy.christina.royer@gmail.com)

    Informational Websites

    • Robinson Elementary Website (https://www.kirkwoodschools.org/Domain/14)
    • Robinson Elementary PTO and Robinson Cares (https://www.kirkwoodschools.org/Page/9257)
    • Kirkwood School District (https://www.kirkwoodschools.org) The family resource tab is a great place to start for common family questions/needs. You can also use the search icon for a customized search.

    Click here to view the entire Robinson Welcome Packet.