• If your child is too sick to participate in online learning for the full day, please follow the normal attendance reporting procedures for your school building.  Additionally, please email your child’s teachers to notify them of the absence.

    Please note, this is only for a full day absence from online learning.

    Phone numbers to call to report an absence.

    Keysor Elementary, 314-213-6100  extension 2020

    N. Glendale Elementary, 314-213-6100  extension 3020

    Robinson Elementary, 314-213-6140

    Tillman Elementary, 314-213-6150

    Westchester Elementary, 314-213-6100  extension 6301

    Nipher Middle 314-213-6100  extension 8125

    North Kirkwood Middle, 314-213-6100  extension 7303

    Kirkwood High, 314-213-6195