• Updated - February 1, 2020

    The Kirkwood School District has extensive experience building and remodeling school facilities. 

    The Facilities Department Team has professional relationships and experience in contacting industry consultants related to the construction of school facilities. Consultants involved have been vetted through a request for qualifications process. The team also keeps up to date on trends and best practices in the design and construction of school facilities. To keep up on new or revised practices, they met with other districts in the state who have recently built new schools. 

    The Facilities Team will serve as onsite project leaders for this project, as well as any other construction projects within the District. As always, their priorities are (1) the safety of students and staff and (2) minimizing the impact of the project on the surrounding community. 

    The following individuals are the key staff members leading all facility projects:
    Russ Leary, director of facilities. Russ is certified in Missouri School Plant Management and has 14 years of experience directly related to school districts including the construction of schools and buildings. 
    Tricia Horton, a special projects manager. Tricia has an education and background in construction and architecture. She has 11 years of experience in school facility management.

    Due Diligence Work Completed or in Process

    The following due diligence work is or has been completed to ensure the best professional practices throughout the process. All reports can be found by visiting the article library on this website. 

    November 2019 - January 2020

    1. Survey work began, notified neighbors adjacent to the Lindeman property prior to start
    2. Environmental site assessment conducted by GeoTechnology.
      1. Includes GPR Ground Penetrating Radar to detect subsurface anomalies
    3. Civil engineering study conducted by Civil Engineering Design Consultants. A report was submitted on Dec 10, 2019
    4. Topographical surveys have been conducted throughout the years. 
      1. Fox and Cole in 1989
      2. Doering Engineering in 2006 and 2016
    5. A traffic study by Crawford, Murphy and Tilly is completed. It is currently being reviewed by the City of Kirkwood.
      1. A traffic study provides recommendations on traffic flow, signal placement, lane requirements, and develops a plan for a safe school zone along Dougherty Ferry to reduce speed limits at certain times

    History of Lindeman: 

    The Kirkwood School District purchased the property in 1963. The land was mainly farmland and an orchard. The picture from Google earth shows no houses on the property as of 1937. A foundation was observed near the western boundary of the property and the structure was dated back to the late 1930s. 


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