• The Kirkwood School District uses the SAEBRS (Social, Academic, and Emotional Behavior Risk Screener) to briefly and efficiently screen student risk for social-emotional and behavioral problems.  This tool is currently used twice a year with all students in grades K-9. 

    What is SAEBRS?

    From the SAEBRS website: Behavior and academic success are intimately connected and need to be intelligently addressed together. The SAEBRS is grounded in this conceptual model, which specifies that school success is predicated not just upon academic achievement, but also success within multiple inter-related behavioral domains. SAEBRS may be used to evaluate students’ overall general behavior, as well as risk for problems within the following specific types of behavior:

    • Risk for Social Behavior Problems: Student displays behaviors that limit his/her ability to maintain age appropriate relationships with peers and adults
    • Risk for Academic Behavior Problems:  Student displays behaviors that limit his/her ability to be prepared for, participate in, and benefit from academic instruction.
    • Risk for Emotional Behavior Problems: Student displays actions that limit his/her ability to regulate internal states, adapt to change, and respond to stressful/challenging events.

    Who completes the assessments?

    • Teachers complete the SAEBRS assessment in grades K-5, answering a series of questions about each of their students.
    • Students in grades 3-9 complete the mySAEBRS, answering self-assessment questions about their social, academic, and emotional behaviors.