Digital Citizenship

  • Far too many of our students, especially in middle and high school, experience social-emotional and/or wellness issues due to things that originate or are exacerbated in an online environment.  As part of our district wellness initiative, all students (K-12) will be engaged in a series of digital citizenship lessons over the course of the 2022-2023 school year. Lessons come from Common Sense Education, aligned with CASEL and ISTE Standards for Students.  Lessons are organized into six strands, with one age-appropriate lesson per grade level.  We plan to share resources with families throughout the year that are aligned to this learning.

    It is our hope and expectation that all students will have these foundational learning experiences, knowing that many teachers will expand on topics and engage children in further conversations.  We also want all teachers and parents to be invested in this important work, knowing that students will transfer learning across settings, and into new and unpredictable situations, when ideas are reinforced through multiple perspectives, and voices.


Common Sense Education
Media Balance & Well-Being
Privacy & Security
News & Media Literacy
Digital Footprint & Identity
Relationships & Communication
Digital Drama