• Q: When does a visitor have to have their license/government ID scanned?

    A: If a visitor is leaving the main office and entering the secured area of the school.

    • When the visitor has been verified, the system will create a customized badge that includes the name, date, time and destination in ​the building.
    • Then, the visitor will wear this badge while in the building, allowing for easy identification of all guests.


    Q: What if the person does not have a license or government ID?

    A: That person’s word-of-mouth information (name & DOB) can be manually entered into the system, but the system will not save their information. If the office or visitor wishes the information to be saved for future use, the visitor will have to contact the safety and security department. 


    Q: Why do I need to show my ID?

    A:  The Raptor visitor management system allows us to quickly identify those that may present a danger to our students, confirms the identity of each visitor, and helps manage campus visitor access.


    Q: Is my information check through any other systems?

    A: No. The registered sex offender database is the only official database checked by the Raptor system.


    Q: What data is gathered or recorded from my state ID?

    A: The only data gathered and recorded from an ID is a person’s image, name, and date of birth. No other information is gathered or recorded, and the information is not shared with any outside agency.


    Q: Will we use Raptor during large events held at our school?

    A: No. These events are considered exceptions to the rule.


    Q: Will we be using the volunteer module of the Raptor system?

    A: No; however, consideration is being made for the second semester. Please continue to use the current volunteer process.


    Q: What other modules will we be using?

    A: Currently, we will only be using the “Visitor” and “Contractor” sign-in/sign-out modules.


    Q: How is the data protected:

    A: In addition to unique usernames and passwords for each user of the Raptor system, Raptor utilizes firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, host integrity monitoring, and port filtering, as well as the latest security processes and procedures to protect all its systems. All information transmitted to Raptor’s servers during the login/sign in process is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption. Raptor utilizes a nationally-recognized cloud provider. 


    More FAQS about the Raptor system can be found at https://raptortech.com/product-faq