May 11, 2019
    7:00 p.m.
    Chaifetz Arena

    The major purpose of the graduation ceremony is to award diplomas to deserving students and honor the achievements of the members of the Class of 2019. Even more, it serves to bring closure to a student’s high school career, and it gives families and friends a chance to share in a special event for the graduates. You are to be congratulated for each and every personal victory! Listed below are guidelines to follow to make your graduation ceremony as meaningful as possible.

    1. Please arrive at Chaifetz no later than 4:30 p.m as we are practicing before the ceremony! (If possible, car pool to save parking spots for your families.) You are encouraged to refrain from bringing valuables.
    2. Please find your assigned, alphabetical seat in the Practice Gym. Students are divided into two sides: those whose last name begins A-K and those whose last name begins with L-Z.
    3. You will line up at 6:40 for the processional. Please be quiet as Mr. Townsend welcomes everyone and asks the band to play the National Anthem. The band will get the signal to begin the processional. NHS members will collect your cards as you are leaving the room. There will be staff along the route to help you move smoothly into the main arena and to your seat. (Don’t rush the pace, so you give your family and friends a chance to see you.)
    4. When you get to your seat, remain standing until you are told to sit down by Dr. Havener.
    5. Dr. Havener introduces Dr. Michele Condon, Superintendent, who greets the audience and introduces guests.
    6. Dr. Havener introduces Asha Zein who will address the graduates. Dr. Havener introduces Seth Wiseheart who will address the graduates.
    7. Ms. Miller and Dr. Havener recognize students who are recipients of special awards.
    8. Dr. Havener will announce the valedictorian and salutatorian. Please come to the stage when your name is called.
    9. Ms. Miller addresses the graduates. When finished, she presents the Class of 2019 to Darnell Frost, Board President, who accepts the class.
    10. Dr. Havener asks you to stand and be presented to the Board of Education. After being accepted by the school board members, all should sit except the first row on the left side facing the stage (the beginning of the alphabet).
    11. Mr. Jaworowski dismisses rows A-K individually and leads you to the stage. Mrs. Peterson will dismiss rows L-Z. As your name is called, an administrator will greet you and send you across the stage to receive your diploma cover from Dr. Havener. Take the diploma with your left hand and shake with your right. Continue across the stage shaking hands with Dr. Condon, Ms. Miller, Darnell Frost, Mr. Eden, Ms. Sweesy and Ms. Constant. An admistrator will guide you off the stage.
    12. Return to your row and stay standing until the last person in the row arrives. Then be seated.
    13. Dr. Havener asks you to stand. He will ask everyone to join in singing the Alma Mater. After the Alma Mater, Dr. Havener declares you the Graduating Class of 2019. Turn your tassel from right to left. YOU MAY THROW YOUR HAT NOW (if you want to)! DON’T LOOK UP!
    14. There will be no recessional. Please go directly to the room where you lined up, turn in your gown only (you may keep your hat and tassel) and pick up a packet containing your diploma and other goodies in it.


    1. Please ask parents not to come forward to take your picture during graduation, per instructions that were sent home with tickets. A professional photographer will be on hand to take your picture as you receive your diploma and as you exit the stage. You will receive instructions on ordering this picture online in your packet.
    2. Please don’t chew gum once the processional begins.
    3. Male graduates should wear collared shirts, slacks, socks and appropriate shoes. Wearing shorts under the gown is not appropriate. Female graduates should wear skirts, dresses or nice slacks and appropriate shoes. No flip flops are allowed.
    4. All graduates are expected to conduct themselves with dignity in the manner befitting this occasion. Participation in the graduation ceremony is not compulsory. Any graduate who misbehaves, or who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substances, will not be permitted to participate in the commencement exercise. No signs are allowed on your caps and disruptive behavior during the ceremony will result in your immediate removal.
    5. Please go to the Olive/Compton Garage for parking. The cost of parking is $6.00. Handicap Parking is available in the Olive/Compton Garage. Designated drop-off / pick-up area for handicapped guests is located on Compton Ave. moving south, which is located on the east side of Chaifetz Arena. This drop off area is located near Gate C where handicap accessible seating is available.
    6. The After Graduation Party/lock-in begins at 10:30 pm on 5/11/19 at KHS. Enter the event via the lobby of the Holley Assembly Hall. You must enter the After Grad Party by 11:30 PM. THERE IS A “ONCE IN, ONCE OUT” POLICY. NO ONE WILL BE READMITTED AFTER THEY LEAVE. Tickets must be purchased in advance in the amount of $50.