• The Academy of Science - St. Louis Science Fair

    The Academy of Science - St. Louis Science Fair is the premier Science Fair in St. Louis. Inquiry-based learning at its best - St. Louis students follow their passion as they explore the world they live in.  Nearly $40,000 in scholarships and awards will be presented to top students.  

    Science Fair is the perfect platform to support and showcase classroom science and engineering.  It helps students meet the 2020 Show-Me Standards science expectations for each grade level. Research demonstrates the value of project-based learning for college success and a stem-literate workforce of the future.

    Kirkwood School District STEAMFest is a pre-qualifier to determine which Kirkwood students qualify for the Academy of Science St. Louis Science Fair event.  St. Louis school districts are each allocated a pre-determined number of exhibit spaces.  This means that all students receiving first-place in the Kirkwood STEAMFest are not automatically guaranteed advancement to ASSLSF.  Instead, those projects in first place are judged a second time to select the very best of the best to fill our limited spaces.

    In the time between our two fairs, students eligible for ASSLSF may elect to improve or edit their project displays.  Their grading rubric from STEAMFest may carry helpful improvement comments from the judges.  Use this time to "tweak" your project.  Students MUST submit the same project they submitted to our STEAMFest.  No exceptions will be made.

    Students advancing to ASSLSF will take responsibility for their online registration.  The instruction sheet included below will walk students through that process.  Note that a special password is needed to register -- that password will be included in the information Kirkwood will supply to qualified students..  

    Contact information for The Academy of Science St. Louis Science Fair:

    Jessica Winkler, STEM Special Projects and Resources Manager


    Website:  sciencefairstl.org

Last Modified on September 20, 2023