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  • The Kirkwood High School Athletic Hall of Fame Selection Committee has announced the Class of 2019. The 2019 class will officially be inducted into the KHS Athletic Hall of Fame in a ceremony to be held on Saturday, February 9 at 3 p.m. in the Keating Theatre on the campus of Kirkwood High School, 801 W. Essex.

     The purpose of the Athletic Hall of Fame is to honor and recognize men and women athletes, coaches or community members who have made significant contributions to Kirkwood High School athletics.

     2019 Kirkwood High School Athletic Hall of Fame


    Lynette (Martin) Chrenka, 1963
    Shane Cotner, 1975
    *Ken Flach, 1981
    Walter “Rico” Hawkins, 1979
    Kerry Hogan, 1968
    Kirk Hogan, 1968
    *Fred Kinyon, 1917
    Kent Layman, 1995
    *Carrol Maas, 1949
    Shania (Hurst) McLennan, 2007
    Alvin Morrow, 1997
    Mary Reeves, 1999
    Michelle (Couture) Session, 1990
    Steve Sumner, 1968
    Mike Wood, 1972


    Members of the 1961 Baseball Team: Ray Bahr, Bill Belko, Art Birdwell, Steve Brandsford, Jim Edens, Phil Landes, Steve Miller, Jim Nickel, Bob Reed, Ken Saladin, Roger Schmidt, Fred Scott, Mike Strode, Jim Waller, Ronald E, Willis, and John Wolf.

    Members of the 1947 Wrestling Team: Ted Berger, Skip Crawford, Charles H. Dart, Robert F. Day, Bill Debol, Archie Edwards, Rich Gabriel, Roy Hunter, Tom Kerr, Preston Koprivica, Dan Kostedt, Gil Loeser, Ronnie Meyers, Erwin H. Mild, Jr. Robert J. Mild, Art Price, John Rogers, Henry Ruppert, Jr. Bob. Ruppert, Lee Sappington, George Seaver, Werner Spalinger, George Thompson, William E. Whipple, and Russell Zimmerman.

    Legendary Coaches

    *Frank Czapla
    *Fred Lyon
    *Fletcher Walther

    Recipient of the Pioneer Award

    Dr. Joe Ritchie

    *Honorees who are being recognized posthumously.