• Virtual Displays

    The virtual display is an exciting opportunity for students to:

    1. Gain experience in preparing real-world technical presentations
    2. No need to drop off your project at the Fair -- submit it online!
    3. Go Green by reducing material use and waste
    4. Save money by not buying display materials

    Complete your science fair research as you would normally, but instead of preparing a physical display, you will prepare an electronic presentation according to the rules listed below.  Virtual displays have a different submission deadline (March 2) than regular project displays, BUT the deadline for submitting your registration is the same February 7 date.

    Virtual Display Rules:

    1. The project (experiment, research, etc.) must be completed following the same guidelines as an exhibit display.  This includes safety measures, project types, and project categories.
    2. Two files must be turned in (uploaded) with each virtual display project.  Refer to #3 and #4 below.
    3. PowerPoint for the project presentation.  (This is in accordance with Queeny requirements.)  No more than 20 slides or pages.  It should contain everything that would normally have been displayed on your project board.  Pictures, text, and scanned drawings are all acceptable.
    4. The log book should be submitted as a Word document.  Use the same guidelines as for a project board.  Be sure to scan and include the Safety Form -- it's worth 10 points!!
    5. Complete the online registration as for a project display.  The February 1 deadline applies.

    Once your project has been registered, you must submit your virtual project to Keisha Seymour at keisha.seymour@kirkwoodschools.org no later than March 2, 2020. 

    Just like display projects, all virtual projects can be dropped off on either Thursday, March 5 OR Friday, March 6 between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.  You will go to the Kirkwood High School's science building, room SC104 on the first floor.  Best access is from the Dougherty Ferry Parking lot.

    You will sign in your project at the front desk area outside room SC104.  You then take your project into room SC104 where it will be held for placement in the appropriate grade-level display room on Saturday by our staff of volunteers. 

    For questions or comments, please reach out to Keisha Seymour at keisha.seymour@kirkwoodschools.org.


Last Modified on January 13, 2020