• The After Graduation Party is the Senior's Grand Finale event which takes place at KHS. It is a safe, alcohol and drug free celebration filled with food, prizes and entertainment for Seniors. Don't miss out on this exciting event!  Senior families will be receiving more details and opportunities to volunteer and donate soon.

    The 2021 party takes place at KHS on 


    What happens at AGP?  We host this post graduation event at KHS and provide the kids with a huge party. This is the last chance the kids will have to celebrate with their entire Class of 2021 and we promise to make it a night they will remember. Every student with a ticket will receive a $50 Amazon gift card just for attending. Also, we will have games, entertainment, food and prizes, prizes, prizes! This is an amazing KHS tradition that your student(s) will not want to miss!

    Do most seniors go to AGP?  YES!  90% of seniors attend AGP so all of your student's friends will be at this party. They DON'T want to miss it! Did we mention prizes, prizes, prizes?

    Is AGP a lock-in?  Not exactly. Seniors are required to arrive between 10:30 and 11:30 pm. After that, the doors are locked and no one will be allowed in the party. However, the kids are free to leave any time. They will not be allowed re-entry once they leave.



    Questions?  Contact: Sarah DeKoter