• Winter Social 2022Dance coordinator - Organizes and Schedules all details for the 2 dances held at NKMS.  These include - 1. Orders DJ for all three dances. 2. Orders Photo Booth forWinter Dance and 8th grade dance. 3.  Orders glow bubbles for Winter Dance.  4.  The dance committee (The dance coordinator and 2 other parent volunteers) handles all details from advertising, scheduling volunteers and manages the event the night of each dance.
    There are two dances at NKMS:  Winter Dance in January, and 8th grade dance in May.  The 8th grade dance is typically organized by 8th grade parent so in the event the dance coordinator is not an 8th grade parent, a parent volunteer would need to be determined to plan the specifics for the dance in May. 

    Winter Social

    6th Grade--1:15-2:55 pm (during the school day)--January 21, 2021

    7th & 8th Grades--6:30 -8:00 pm--January 21, 2021

    8th Grade Dance

    The 8th dance happens in the Spring to celebrate the students before they leave NKMS!  The committee chooses a theme, decorates, provides snacks & small gifts, chaperones, and plans the evening for the 8th graders!  Please sign up if you have interest in helping us the night of the dance.  This year's event will occur on Friday, May 6, 2021 from 6-8pm.