• The schedule for the 2022-23 school year is a modified block that allows for more teacher collaboration. You will see that on Monday, Tuesday and Friday, students will attend all seven courses and have lunch with their 5th period class. On Wednesday and Thursday, students will have 4 class periods that last for 88 minutes.

    You will have 1st or 2nd lunch based on what building you are in when the lunch period happens. When lunch is with 5th hour, you will go to whichever lunch that building observes.

    1st lunch: West Building, Journalism, North Building, Northwest Building, Innovation Center, LRC and Discovery.

    2nd lunch: Science Building, East Building, Engineering & Technology, Family & Consumer Science, PE, Project Achieve, Health, Music, Art, and Drama.

    Monday, Tuesday & Friday

    Contact: 7:30-7:40
    1st Hour: 7:45-8:34
    2nd Hour: 8:40-9:34 (Includes Announcements)
    3rd Hour: 9:40-10:29
    4th Hour: 10:35-11:24

    1st Lunch: 11:24-11:57, 5th Hour: 12:03-12:52
    5th Hour: 11:30-12:19, 2nd Lunch: 12:19-12:52

    6th Hour: 12:58-1:47
    7th Hour 1:53-2:42


    Contact: 7:30-7:40
    1st Hour: 7:45-9:13
    2nd Hour: 9:19-10:55 (Includes Announcements)

    1st Lunch: 10:55-11:34, 5th Hour: 11:40-1:08
    5th Hour: 11:01-12:29, 2nd Lunch: 12:29-1:08

    6th Hour: 1:14-2:42


    Contact: 7:30-7:40
    3rd Hour: 7:45-9:13
    Homeroom: 9:19-10:55 (Includes Announcements)

    1st Lunch: 10:55-11:34, 4th Hour: 11:40-1:08
    4th Hour: 11:01-12:29, 2nd Lunch: 12:29-1:08

    7th Hour: 1:14-2:42

    Half Day

    Contact: 7:30-7:40
    1st Hour: 7:45-8:11
    2nd Hour: 8:17-8:47 (Includes Announcements)
    3rd Hour: 8:53-9:19
    4th Hour: 9:25-9:51
    5th Hour: 9:57-10:23
    6th Hour: 10:29-10:55
    7th Hour 11:01-11:27