• Did you know you have the ability to log in to our Alumni database to customize your account?
    By updating this information, the alumni office can customize communication to you and make sure you stay informed about class reunions, alumni activites and school events.
    To get started, you will need to get your account activated. To do so, please visit our online alumni community.
    Already have an account? Then you are just a few steps away from customizing your profile:
    First, please log in, and click on "my profile."
    Next, by the word "base," click on the edit button. You will navigate to more detailed account information. Please update this information by selecting the boxes for the schools you attended. Then make sure your graduation year is correct.

    Finally, please select the boxes for the designated activities and/or teams with which you were a member.

    Thank you in advance for updating your profile so we can tailor communication to you.