• Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Who can participate in the Kirkwood School District STEAMFest?    All students in grades K through 12 residing in the Kirkwood School District may participate.  

    Q: How many projects can each student register?    Each student may register only one individual project OR be half of a two-student team (grades K though 4 only), OR may be part of a "classroom" project (limited to grades K thru 4).  Classroom projects must be registered by the classroom teacher.

    Q: When does registration open?    Online registration opens November 9, 2022.  The required Reservation, Official Application, Research and Safety Plan, Quad Form and Safety Form are available on our website.

    Q: When is the Reservation form due?    To be submitted to STEAMFestForms@kirkwoodschools.org by November 23, 2022 for approval BEFORE starting their project.  

    Q:  When are the Official Application, Research and Safety Plan, Quad Chart and Safety Forms all due:  All four forms are to be submitted by December 14, 2022 to  STEAMFestForms@kirkwoodschools.org

    Q:  When is the project due?  February 8, 2023, is the last day for students to upload their projects online for Kirkwood participation.

    Q: Can team projects be registered?    Yes.  A student in grades K through 4 can be half of a two-student team.  A student can be part of a classroom project, but this is only for grades K through 4, must be registered by a teacher, and requires a minimum of three students.

    Q: When and where should student projects be dropped off?    No need to drop anything off this year.  All projects are to be virtual.  After receiving approval of their Official Application, Research and Safety Plan and Safety Form, students will start working on electronic versions.  Completed projects and logbooks are then submitted to STEAMFestForms@kirkwoodschools.org by February 8, 2023.

    Q: What happens during judging?    Kirkwood judges will use the Academy of Science St. Louis Science Fair grading rubrics.  Occasionally, judges will share comments or observations that are meant to be helpful to the students.

    Q:  If I qualify to advance to ASSLSF, can I re-do my project, or even do a different project to submit?   Not quite -- What you can do is edit your existing project.  No, you cannot re-do it or do a different project.  That's because the grade that qualified you for ASSLSF was based solely on your original STEAMFest project.  To re-do or replace your project would be unfair to the other students who participated in STEAMFest. 

     Q: Is there an Awards Ceremony?    Not this year.  Project placements will be shared with the participating students by email and with schools over our website and via social media.

    Q:  Can students from different schools partner on a project?    No. Whether it is a two-student team or a classroom project, participants must be from the same school building.

Last Modified on November 9, 2022