• PowerPoint Instructional Presentations

    These PowerPoint presentations are an easy, fun, and accessible means by which you can learn more about how to participate in the STEAMFest Fair.  These videos are designed to answer many of your basic questions.

    "Let's Get Started" is the first step that explains the overall process for students.

    "Safety First" is an important overview of process and procedure to ensure everyone's safety.

    "Adding A to STEAMFest" pertains to design, communication, planning, presentation, functionality and setting the context for various science, technology, performing arts, or engineering challenges.  The purpose of STEAM is not to teach art, but to apply it in real situations.

    "Logbook" will give specific details and examples on how to prepare your logbook.  The logbook should accompany the project display.  Without the logbook, a student's overall score will be impacted.

    "Project Display" will identify the various necessary components needed for a successful project display.  Details and examples will be provided.

    "Virtual Display" offers guidance in how to submit the proper pieces for your virtual (or e-fair) project.

    "Parent Participation" explains how parents can best support and assist their students through the fair process.

    "Queeny" is targeted for those students who have qualified to advance to the St. Louis Science Fair Academy of St. Louis Fair at Queeny Park in May, 2020.  Students are encouraged to tweak their project display in the time between our STEAMFest and the Queeny event.  A walk-through of what to expect at Queeny is provided so students are better prepared.

    If you have a question that isn't answered in these presentations, be sure to check with your teacher for assistance.  You may also reach out to your designated STEAMFest building contact as listed below.  For other questions, please contact Lorna Dick - lorna.dick@kirkwoodschools.org


    Building Level STEAMFest Contacts

    Keysor:  Jen Bartin - jennifer.bartin@kirkwoodschools.org   OR   Leah Koch - leah.koch@kirkwoodschools.org

    North Glendale:  Tracy Wicker - tracy.wicker@kirkwoodschools.org    OR  Ashley McGhaw  - ashley.mcghaw@kirkwoodschools.org

    Robinson:  Pam Harris - pam.harris@kirkwoodschools.org

    Tillman:  Jessica Fehl - jessica.fehl@kirkwoodschools.org    OR   Jennifer Manuell  - jennifer.manuell@kirkwoodchools.org

    Westchester:  Jennifer Ono - jennifer.ono@kirkwoodschools.org

    Nipher Middle School:  Beth Adams - beth.adams@kirkwoodschools.org   

    North Kirkwood Middle School:  Chris Hooker - chris.hooker@kirkwoodschools.org

Last Modified on January 14, 2020