• How To Eat An Elephant:

    One bite at a time.  What seems too big, or too hard at first is much easier when broken down into smaller pieces.  You can do that with your science fair project to make it easier to complete.

    The most important things to do when picking a science fair project:

    1. Pick a topic that is important to you
    2. Pick a topic you will enjoy studying and practicing
    3. Pick a project whose result would be the solution to a problem you currently see
    4. Create a project that can follow the Scientific or Engineering Method

    If you're having trouble thinking of a project to do...

    The internet is an excellent source for project fair ideas and procedures.  Here are some links you can investigate for what best works for you:







    If you're not sure how to do your project...

    Scientists and engineers follow processes in their work.

    In science the process is really important - you want to make sure your experiment or observations are accurate.  This means being clear about what you’re going to study, writing a procedure before you start, and making and recording careful measurements.  Don’t worry about what is “supposed to happen” - just observe, measure, and record, then try to figure out why.

    Engineering is a little different.  Once you’ve picked a problem you want to solve, start brainstorming solutions.  Pick one that seems the best, build it, and test it.  Look for ways to improve it, then re-build and re-test (over and over again).

    If you're not sure how to present your project...

    This part is up to you.  The goal of the presentation is to share your work and learning with others. 

    If you want to do a project that could potentially be selected to advance to the St. Louis Area Science Fair at Queeny, do a science fair display board or a virtual project.

    If Queeny isn’t your goal, you’ve got a little more freedom.  You can still go with the display board, but maybe a video, story, infographic, or something else is a better way to share your experience.  Come up with something that fits your project.


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