• How Parents Can Help Students

    Science projects need to belong to the student.  To provide a level field for each respective grade level, we ask that you consider the needs of each of those grade levels when deciding how much to support your child.

    This year we are instituting a number of changes to align with the protocol used by Academy of Science St. Louis Science Fair.  Pay special attention to what's new and help your child become familiar with these changes for 2022-23.  Among those changes, a minimum of three sources are now required to be cited.  Students may use their teacher as one of their three sources.  Students in Grade K, 1 and 2 may also use their parent guardian or caregiver as one of their three sources.

    Grade K Thru 2 Students:  Elementary students in the K through 2 division will probably need a supportive adult helper.  Younger students have a limited ability to read and to write and this may be their first exposure to scientific methods.  In addition, many are concrete thinkers (focusing only on what is physically present) so it is best to encourage them to choose a project that they will be able to understand and complete mainly on their own.  Allow the student to decide on the project.  Let the student guide you in how much help they need.  Adult helpers may write as the student dictates.  Please make sure the student acknowledges any assistance they receive in their logbook.

    New this year:  a minimum of three sources are required for the logbook.  Students may use a teacher as one of their sources.  Grades K through 2 may also use a parent, guardian or caregiver as one source.

    Grade 3 Thru 5 Students:  Older elementary students need an adult to encourage them, edit their writing, drive to libraries, purchase materials, and to help them focus their research.  Monitor your child to be sure they are not taking on too much, or trying to do too many experiments at one time.  Be a coach for your child.

    New this year:  students in grades 3 through 12 may use a teacher as one of their sources.

    Grade 6 Thru 12 Students:  For middle and high school students, an adult may need to offer support in terms of editing the final written portion of the project.  By this time, students are perfectly capable of completing the projects on their own, but they may need reminders, encouragement, and support. If you feel that the project they are engaged with demands more science content assistance than you can provide, consider finding a science mentor for them.  Teachers and science professionals often are willing to offer help and support.

    New this year:  students in grades 3 through 12 may use a teacher as one of their sources.

Last Modified on October 31, 2022