• Judging Divisions

    Students are encouraged to work with individuals at the same grade level.  Students may choose to work with a person at a different grade level, but not a different division.  The project will be graded within the highest grade level represented.

    There are three judging divisions:

    1. Elementary:  This is for grades K through 5.  Projects can be for an individual, or a group project of two or three students.  More than three students would be considered a class project.  Class project is an option only for grades K through 4.  A teacher must register a class project.
    2. Secondary:  This is for grades 6 through 12.  Submissions can be made by individuals or as a group project for two or three students.  Class project is not an option.
    3. Honors:  Designed for students in grades 9 through 12, projects must meet the guidelines of International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).  Projects may be for an individual, or a group project of two or three students.  Students in this division must complete the Honors Division Registration and required paperwork.

    Non-Judged option:  For some students, especially in younger grades, the structure of a science fair project can reduce their excitement about "doing" science or engineering.  We offer the option of entering a project that won’t be judged.  Instead, students will receive a short feedback form about their work (comments, questions, suggestions for further exploration).  Our hope is that this will give students a positive experience that leads to a more developed project in the future.  To be clear, non-judged projects will not be considered for advancement to the St. Louis Area Science Fair.

Last Modified on January 9, 2019