• Research and Safety Plan (Step 3)  

    All participating students must submit a completed Research and Safety Plan and parent-signed Safety Form for pre-approval prior to starting their project.   They will be sent to STEAMFestForms@kirkwoodschools.org.  The necessary form can be found on the District website.  The deadline for email submission is December 14, 2022.  

    The body of the email must include the student’s full name, school, grade and teacher’s full name.

    The Research and Safety Plan will address these main questions:

    1. What is the question or problem being addressed and the expected outcome?
    2. Describe in detail the method and the procedures including all safety precautions. Include all procedures to be used for data collection and or building your prototype, if it is an engineering project
    3. Identify any potential risk and safety precautions to complete the project safety.
    4. Teacher or parent oversight: Who will be supervising your project (parent, guardian or your teacher)? For approval, a parent or teacher must be present and supervising during experimentation or prototype development and building.

    If your project involves human subjects, also answer the following questions:

    1. What procedures are in place for safeguarding confidentiality? You are responsible for the protection of privacy and informed consent for projects that involve human subjects.
    2. Describe how you will inform participants about the purpose of the study and what they will be asked to do.
    3. Provide a sample of your Human Consent Form in your logbook.

    Students in grades K through 12 will email their completed Research and Safety Plan and Safety form to STEAMFestForms@kirkwoodschools.org for review and approval.

    After your Research and Safety Plan and the Safety Form are received, you may be contacted with additional questions or suggestions before it is approved.  ONLY AFTER you receive email approval from Kirkwood are you to start your electronic project and logbook.  Kirkwood will email approval no later than December 21, 2022.

    No late submissions of the Research Plan form will be accepted after December 14, 2022.  

Last Modified on November 21, 2022