• Student Enrollment Packet (see below link if registering a high school student)
    • Birth Certificate: issued by Bureau of Vital Statistics - baptismal/hospital certificates are not acceptable
    • Proof of Residency: The student must reside with their legal guardians (proof is required) and must provide TWO of the following items as proof of residency:
      • Occupancy permit from City Hall - Parent/Guardian must be the primary applicant
      • Utility bill (gas/electric/water/sewer) - Bill must be current and have the guardian’s name and address on it. In most cases, the bill will be unpaid. No other utility bill will be accepted.
      • Rental/Lease agreement
      • Settlement Statement from closing on a home
      • Declaration of Homeowners Insurance
    • Immunization Record:  Missouri law states that your child will be excluded on the first day of school if you do not have proof of your child having had these immunizations requirements.
    • Academic Records: including grades (transcript/report cards), test scores, discipline and attendance
    • Special Education Records: (IEP, psychological/ diagnostic evaluation)
    • Legal Documents / Court Orders: A copy of the section of the dissolution decree (not the petition) which stipulates custody in cases of parent divorce



    • Kirkwood High School requires a couple more items in their KHS Student Enrollment Packet. (Link includes all necessary paperwork for KHS.)
    • If you have a social security card, we would like to make a copy, but it is not required. 
    • Academic sidenote about 9th grade honors class enrollment: Students entering 9th grade from another school that wish to take honors classes should bring a note from their previous school’s teacher recommending the student for the advanced class.