• Under Missouri school law (RSMo 167.151), a student must live within a school district in order to attend that district’s public schools without charge. “The term residency shall mean that a person both physically resides within a school district and is domiciled within that district. The domicile of a minor child shall be the domicile of a parent or court-appointed legal guardian. The student and parent must provide 2 proofs of residency in the district as follows:”

    List A documents (submit 1)
    • Deed/Closing Statement
    • Mortgage statement dated within 30 days of the date of submission
    • Unexpired lease/rental agreement signed by landlord and tenant and including the address, apartment number, and date of rental

    List B documents (submit 1)
    • Utility bill (water, gas, sewer, or electric) dated within 30 days of the date of submission for verification and including the name, service and mailing address.
    • Real estate tax receipt dated within 1 year of the date of submission
    • Personal property tax receipt dated within 1 year of the date of submission
    • Occupancy Permit listing all the occupants of the residence



    A student may not establish residency away from a legal guardian or parent for the sole purpose of enrolling in a district. The Kirkwood Board of Education is responsible to its taxpayers to assure that attending students meet the residency requirements.

    A student who is not living with parent(s)/legal guardian(s), who are both residents, are domiciled in the Kirkwood School District and who wishes to be considered for enrollment in the Kirkwood School District, must comply with one of the following:

    1. Establish resident status in the district by:

    * Living and residing within the Kirkwood School District boundaries with a legal resident of the district, AND

    * Provide an application defining the hardship for which the student is requesting a waiver, AND

    * Present a notarized statement establishing a “Power of Attorney” to be given to the resident while he/she is living in the district, AND

    * Present proof of occupancy (acceptable documents listed above) from the resident who will be receiving the Power of Attorney, AND

    * Present a detailed, signed, statement with the reason for establishing change in residency, OR

    2. Establish that the student qualifies under the “Homeless” legislation of the Steward B. McKinney Act, OR

    3. Pupils who qualify under Sections 167.121, 167.151, and 167.020 (106) RSMo.


    All applications for any of the above must provide signatures of the student, the resident who will be accepting the Power of Attorney, and the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) testifying to the accuracy of all the above information. The signatures on the form will also acknowledge the understanding that when the student’s residency changes, the student may be immediately withdrawn and the parties held responsible for tuition from the time the student no longer resides in the district to the time they withdraw. It is understood that this student’s status is subject to constant review and, if permission is granted to enroll, it could be withdrawn as circumstances change or if the student does not remain in good standing.

    “Any person who knowingly submits false information to satisfy any requirement of this section is guilty of a class A misdemeanor. In addition to any other penalties authorized by law, a district board may file a civil action to recover, from the parent/legal guardian of the pupil, the costs of the school attendance for any pupil who was enrolled at a school in the district and whose parent/legal guardian filed false information to satisfy any requirement of this section (167.151RSMo.).”


    Questions or requests may be addressed to:


    Office of Student Services

    11289 Manchester Road

    Kirkwood, MO 63122