• VISTA Mission and Purpose:

    VISTA provides a productive, consistent, and safe non-traditional community for middle and high school students. Given the unique needs of our students, VISTA is relationship based programming with individual learning experiences that develop the potential of every student.

    We realize that for various reasons, not all students attain full success at their home schools. It is our goal to provide for each student the academic and or social and emotional support they need in order to succeed. We pride ourselves in knowing our students on a personal level, valuing and treating each one as an individual, and placing them at the center of our decisions.

    School History:

    In August 2010, the Kirkwood School District partnered with the Webster Groves School District to provide VISTA, a new student program offered in the Hough Learning Center.

    VISTA serves approximately 60 high school students from Kirkwood and Webster Groves who need assistance with credit recovery or obtaining a diploma in an alternative setting. The VISTA program replaces the Collaborative School program that was previously offered through a partnership with Kirkwood, Brentwood, Clayton and Ladue school districts.

    Students are accepted into VISTA by a referral process beginning at the student’s home school. Referrals are made for a variety of reasons which may include credit recovery, individualized instruction, alternative setting, social or emotional concerns, school to work transition or diploma completion. Students retain enrollment at their home school while attending VISTA even though they may not have courses on the home school campus.  The goal of VISTA is that students will return to their home school as soon as possible or graduate. 

    Address and Phone:

    Hough Community Learning Center
    106 N. Sappington Rd.
    Kirkwood, MO 63122

    Phone Number: 314-213-6142