• The Board of Education encourages District residents or staff members to become a member of one of the Board's Advisory Committees. The committees are structured to assist the Board and the District in finding solutions to current and/or future issues as well as educating the public on the programs and services provided to students.

    The Board's advisory committees include: 

  • Budget and Finance

    Provides guidance and advice by reviewing various factors in the local area, county and state that could impact revenues and expenditures. The committee also provides a community perspective on the district's financial planning.

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  • Calendar Committee

    Advises on the creation of an academic calendar for the Board of Education that takes into account the best interest of students while also providing consideration to staff, parents/guardians, and the community.

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  • Communications

    Provides guidance and advice on fostering dialog on community and school issues. The committee's role is to identify topics of interest to community members and to assist in identifying effective ways (e.g. email, forums, Web, and other media) to communicate.

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  • Curriculum

    Reviews the scope and sequence for new curriculum and offers feedback to teachers and the district. Serves as an advisory committee to ensure adherence to state standards and community expectations. 

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  • Equity Taskforce

    Works together to close opportunity and belonging gaps, by taking shared responsibility for the academic, social-emotional and physical needs of all Kirkwood School District students.

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  • Policy

    Reviews and advises on the formulation, development, adoption and revision of written policies. Policy incorporates legal and DESE requirements along with best practices for the Kirkwood School District.

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  • Safety and Security

    Provides guidance when developing strategic planning for safety and security issues. The committee monitors and identifies trends that could impact the district. The committee advises on updating safety and security policies and procedures.

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  • Wellness Committee

    Provides input and advice on a multi-year, comprehensive wellness plan that provides specific guidance for the district's wellness programming options, both preventative and responsive, for students. Recommendations can include specific supports/interventions, necessary resources, cost projections, timelines and what options are mandatory versus optional.

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