• The Board of Education encourages District residents or staff members to become a member of one of the Board's Advisory Committees. The Board has three standing advisory committees (Curriculum, Wellness and Budget & Finance) and one ad hoc committee (Communication).

    The advisory committees are structured to assist the  Board and the District in finding solutions to current and/or future issues as well as educating the public on the programs and services provided to students.

    Budget & Finance Committee
    The Budget & Finance Committee’s mission is to provide guidance and advice regarding projected revenues. To do this, the Budget & Finance Committee reviews various factors in the local area, county, and state that could impact the Kirkwood School District (KSD) revenues. The Committee meets to discuss and review the revenue projections prepared by the administration of the KSD. Members include parents, community members, teachers, support staff, administrators, & Board members. 

    Wellness Committee
    The Wellness Committee's purpose is to act as an advisory committee to the Board of Education, which means the committee at times may take recommendations to the Board of Education.  Historically, the committee was heavily involved in child nutrition.  As of last year, the committee has focused on the social emotional wellness of the district as a whole including students, staff, and community while still maintaining a strong focus on child nutrition.  The committee consists of at least one (1) parent, student, nurse, school food service representative, Board member, school administrator, member of the public, and other community members as appropriate.  

    Curriculum Committee
    The Curriculum Review Committee provides input regarding new and revised curriculum for all grade levels prior to approval by the Board of Education. The Committee serves as an advisory to ensure adherence to state standards and community expectations, and is composed of teacher representatives from each school, administrators, parents, middle and high school students, members of the Board of Education, and community representatives. Other membership may include instructional facilitators, special education teachers, counselors, or other curricular area staff. The Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction serves as the Committee chair.

    Communication Committee
    The Communication Committee provides guidance and advice on fostering dialog on community and school issues. The committee's role is to identify topics of interest to community members and to assist in identifying effective ways (e.g. email, forums, Web, and other media) to communicate. The Chief Communications Officer will serve as the Committee chair.

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