KSDF Board Members

  • The Kirkwood School District Foundation is governed by a board of directors consisting of a cross section of Kirkwood citizens, including at least one teacher and one member of the school board.


    Linda Ross, President
    Mary Loida, Vice President
    Tim Schulze, Co-Treasurer
    Alan Bergfeld, Secretary

    Colleen Dietrich, Sponsorship Chair
    Colin Gibbs, Named Awards Chair
    Leslie Huggins, Co-Treasurer
    Rufus McKee, Equity Chair
    Kama Totherow, Marketing Chair
    Eric Christensen
    Lydia Gwin
    John Heaney
    Jeffrey Kirsch
    Kate Meyer
    Roy Mueller
    Jessica Prosperi
    Gabriela Ramos
    Bill Riggs
    Karen Roth
    Jason Terry
    Nick Walker
    Hardy Washington
    Caroline Young
    Executive Director:
    Stephanie Collet, Kirkwood School District Foundation
    Ex Officio:
    Dr. David Ulrich, Kirkwood School District Superintendent
    District Liaison:
    Steph Deidrick, Chief Communications Officer
    School Representative:
    Dr. Andrea Sparkling, North Glendale Elementary
    Board of Education Representative:
    Chad Kavanaugh