• Senior checkout is on Wednesday, May 8, 2019 from 8:45am-11:30am in the Denver Miller Gym.

    Here is what to expect at checkout:

    1. Laptops returned (with an Apple charger cord and adapter).

    2. Fines and holds must be paid.

    3. Pick up cap and gown.

    4. Name pronunciation check.

    5. Purchase after graduation party tickets. Cost is $50.00 and checks can be made out to KHSPPO (this is not required, but encouraged).

    6. Senior and athletic survey (mandatory).

    7. Pick up graduation tickets and instructions.


    To expedite the check out process:

    1. Please pay all fines and clear all holds in the main office prior to May 8.

    2. Turn in Macbook with cord, charger, and case to the tech help desk.

    3.  Complete Senior Survey by going to https://www.kirkwoodschools.org/Page/8705