• Graduation speeches will be given by 2 students. If you are interested in giving a speech at graduation, you need to sign up in the 12th grade office.

    Here is some information to consider when signing up to try out.

    1. The message in your speech should be something you want your classmates to remember from their years at KHS.  If the speech is too personal to you, they will lose interest.

    2. Your tryout speech only needs to be two minutes long.  You will work with a teacher/coach to develop it after you are selected.  The final speech will be approximately three minutes long.  

    3. It is a good idea to have an English or other teacher proofread your speech and offer suggestions before you tryout.  It is also a good idea to practice on an audience (family, friends or a teacher) before you tryout.

    4. Tryouts will be the afternoon of Wednesday, April 20th between 3:00 and 4:00 in West 121.  You will be assigned a designated time to give your speech.  We will work with your schedule if you are involved in other activities on that day.

    5. You will give your speech to a panel of teachers and possibly the other students who are also presenting speeches.

    6. You will be scored on the following:  eye contact, vocal delivery and expression, preparation and structure, and audience appeal.

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