• Annual Process for KHS PPO Board Elections

    1. March 1­ Nominations Open.​Communications Coordinator posts and emails a notice to all announcing/communicating the following:
    a. Nominations​are open for 5 members of the PPO’s Board of Directors, the legal entity governing the PPO. The following officers are on the BOD: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Communications Coordinator.
    i. Job Responsibilities​of Board positions will posted on KHS PPO website
    b. Nominating Committee​will be the Current President(s) and Vice­President(s). Nominations will be sent by mail or email to the committee members.
    c. Current Officers willing to serve again​(if/as applicable):

    i. List by position and name these officers who will be on the ballot
    d. Current Officers willing to serve in another capacity​(if/as applicable):
    i. List by current position and name the position for which any current officer is willing to be nominated and will be placed on the ballot
    e. Reminder communications of nomination period, process and arriving close of nomination period to be sent.

    2. March 31­ Nominations Close.​A member of the Nomination Committee will contact each nominee to ensure he/she is willing to serve in the role nominated and to be placed on the ballot in the nominated capacity.

    3. Slate and Voting​. Current secretary will prepare and present the ballot of BOD candidates at the next General Membership Meeting following the end of the nomination period. Ballots distributed to each KHS PPO member at the meeting. Tellers (whom are not up for re­election) will count ballots.

    4. Announcement of Election Results.​Results will be communicated via email and posting on KHS PPO website page.