• J​ob Descriptions​: KHS PPO BOD and Executive Committee draft as of​11/16/15

    P​resident​–(or co­presidents) 2 People Max –Executive Committee (2) ­and BOD ( 1)

    ● Plans, creates agenda for, and conducts all BOD and Executive Committee meetings.
    ● Oversees budget creation assuring budgeting of sufficient funds for efforts.
    ● Oversees communication among all committee chairs.
    ● Plans PPO calendar after meeting with KHS administration.
    ● Creates summer mailing information and coordinates printing of all mailings and signage.
    ● Prepares video script for Open House presentation and tapes for use at Open House.
    ● Prepares scripts for Fall Informational Coffees.
    ● Prepares scripts for Winter Informational Coffees.
    ● Reviews and proofs all communications and newsletters prior to publishing.
    ● Acts as liaison to KHS administration.
    ● Attends key volunteer meetings at District Offices. Reports back to BOD with important info.
    ● Ensures that all PPO functions are run smoothly and that membership has all information needed to understand the group’s functioning and procedures.
    ● Ensures that a Policy and Procedure Manual is created, updated, and maintained.
    ● Acts as second signatory on all PPO checks disbursed in amounts more $3000.
    ● Acts as the liaison with the District’s attorneys and District Offices staff.
    ● In charge of, oversees and works with VP to set up all Registration Days, Activities Fair and Open House tables and volunteer staffing.
    ● Attends (or delegates attending of) African­American Achievement Awards.
    ● Attends (or delegates attending of) Senior Awards.
    ● Considers need for Robo Call in early August to alert families to upcoming events. If decides to do, coordinates with Main Office.
    ● Works with Treasurer and KHS administration to ensure that scholarship funds are allocated and awards received. ( Kirkwood MO State Teachers; Association­KMSTA­ ($1000 historically) and Efficacy ­ to seniors with significant rise in GPA and positive changes in other areas)) KMSTA requires a check. Efficay a check and letter, perhaps. Works with counselor's office.

    Vice President​–(or co­vps) 2 People Max – Executive Committee (2) ­and BOD (1)

    ● Helps President(s) to plan Registration Day and Activities Fair including PPO volunteer sign ups, donation information, etc.
    ● Plans and coordinates Open House in conjunction with KHS staff
         o Confirms space planning,
         o Assists in set­up and communicates event details both to appropriate PPO members regarding general and class volunteer sign­ups and donation tables, as well as to other regularly (or specially) 
            participating organizations: PBI, The Production Company, KOPA, KB2, A+ Program, Buzz Book/Year Book sales and KSDF.
    ● Accepts nominations to coordinate the slate of candidates for BOD
    ● Fills all committee chair and volunteer positions for VP’s own Presidential year.
    ● Works with President(s) as necessary to coordinate organization’s activities.
    ● Assumes President’s duties when President is absent.
    ● Maintains master chair and volunteer lists. Reminder: Need sign up for Library Help in addition to PPO functions.
         o Designs and prints all Volunteer sign­up sheets­ landscape ­­ to include name,cell, email and child’s(ren’s) grade(s)
         o Provides sign­up sheets to Freshman Day Welcome Wagon table.
         o Distributes lists so that they can be easily transformed into functioning e­mailing lists.
         o Updates list with late entries and forwards to function chairs.
    ● Plans and coordinates with KHS Principal’s Office the “ Introducing KHS Night” (funded through KHS Principal’s budget)
         o Assures update of postcards and ad.
         o Assures timely ad submission (KHS places ads to KW Times, Town&Style and Ladue News),
         o Assists in publicity/communication including (real or electronic) postcards distributed to all Kirkwood 7th and 8th graders and to parochial and independent schools in the area.
         o Assists with sign in and welcome at the event. Purchases balloons (PPO budget) for entry areas at event.
    ● Assists President(s) as requested.
    ● Submits final end­of­year report for permanent file.

    Treasurer ​– 1 Person – Executive Committee and BOD
    ● Plans and maintains budget.
    ● Produces financial report for each BOD meeting and all Executive Committee meetings.
    ● Assures that checks for more $3000 are co­signed by a President prior to release.
    ● Assumes overall responsibility for all 7 checking accounts: 1 for each AGP of the four classes, the school store, e­Scrip, and the PPO’s operating budget. Assures that e­scrip donations can flow directly to KHS PPO.
    ● Receives reports from each account quarterly, reviews and reports on any issues to the BOD.
    ● Maintains lists of donors and prepares and distributes thank you/tax letters for donations.
    ● Pays all KHS PPO bills and Purchase Orders submitted on behalf of the KHS PPO.
    ● Develops and implements a reimbursement form and policy for supplies bought on behalf of the PPO.
    ● Assures publication of the form and directions for completion on the PPO website.
    ● Assures payment for all scholarship/awards and Efficacy Awards.
    ● Distributes check for KHS Cares to the Budget Specialist at KHS.
    ● Assures that all documentation necessary is turned over to the accountants.
    ● Submits quarterly reports to KHS Financial Office and the District Financial Office.
    ● Advises President, Kirkwood HS Financial Office and District Financial Office of any financial issues that may arise related to the KHS PPO.
    ● Works with accounting firm and KSD to resolve any problems.
    ● Reports all issues to BOD.
    ● Works with accounting firm to complete taxes.

    Recording Secretary​– 1 Person – Executive Committee and BOD
    ● Produces and distributes all agendas ( in coordination with the President) and minutes from all meetings.
    ● Prior to publishing minutes, sends to President for approval.
    ● Produces sign­in sheets and copies all necessary meeting materials.
    ● Coordinates with Communications Coordinator to assure posting of agendas and/or minutes in relevant places.
    ● Assures distribution of all BOD minutes to all BOD members within one week of each meeting and subsequent posting on the web­site.
    ● Assures distribution of Executive Committee minutes to all Executive Committee members via web­site posting within two weeks after each PPO meeting.
    ● Maintains permanent master file of all meeting agendas, minutes, and votes.
    ● Creates and maintains master voting tally sheet for Executive Committee, BOD, and elections.

    Communications Coordinator ​– 1 Person ­ Executive Committee and BOD
    ● Reviews copy from function chairs
    ● Prepares all PPO emails and reviews with President(s) before sending.
    ● Prepares copy for fb, website, and twitter including pictures when possible
    ● Posts all website, Facebook, Twitter and policies and procedures on behalf of the KHS PPO after discussion with the President.
    ● After consultation with President(s) about how to manage this and the need for it, collects information from committee heads for bi­annual newsletter mailed distribution if all agree to its publication. Given the time­sensitivity of most communications, this may not be utilized.
    ● Assures that all communications, the web­site and postings are updated as necessary.

    Chairs of​ all of the following positions serve on the PPO’s Executive Committee

    School Store – Manager​– Executive Committee
    ● Oversees and manages all aspects of the school store including the buying and staffing.
    ● Schedules staff.
    ● Designs reporting sheet with School Store treasurer.
    ● Reports to Executive Committee at each Executive Committee meeting and more frequently as needed.
    ● Submits annual report to Executive Committee.

    School Store­ Treasurer­ ​Executive Committee
    ● Manages the finances for the school store
    ● Reports quarterly to the PPO treasurer.
    ● If a check is more than $3000, the Store treasurer must also get a co­signature from the School Store Manager or the PPO Treasurer.

    Tacky Day/Pizza Sales­ 1­2 leads and committee
    This is NOT a fundraiser. Tacky Day occurs during the week of the Turkey Day Game. While students decorate the hallways, the Tacky Day Committee sells pizza, drinks and desserts. The Committee publicizes the offerings and offers grade level principals an opportunity to order pizza in advance of the event. Pizza is normally delivered several times during the evening. Sales begin around 4 p.m.

    ● Plans and implements the Tacky Day Pizza, desserts and drinks offerings for students during the evening Hall Decoration event during Spirit Week.
    ● Works to match prices with expenses. In general, the event should recoup its expenses.
    ● Works with Principals on timing and class­level advanced ordering.
    ● Sets up and tears down.
    ● Develop signs to advertise pizza sales.
    ● Submits final report to Executive Committee.

    Class Representatives

    Preferred 4 year commitment (Freshman through Senior year leadership role). Class Reps are responsible for:

    ● Raising money for AGP (After Graduation Party). Goal of $25K by end of Junior year.­ the party right after graduation that most seniors attend.
    ● Finding volunteers for the class level events.
    ● Sending representation to the Executive Committee meetings for reporting and one vote.
    ● Providing the hospitality at all grade level informational coffees.( Hospitality Reps for each Class)
    ● Attending all grade­level events and coffees and reporting on PPO activities.

    Class Reps coordinate with the PPO President(s) and PPO VP

    Senior Class Reps​– 2 or more plus 1 Treasurer and at least on Hospitality Rep – 1
         Planned event: AGP
    Junior Class Reps​– 2 or more plus 1 Treasurer and one or more Hospitality Rep
         Planned Fundraising Event: Trivia Night­ target $18­22K
              Target for end of Junior Year= $25,000
         Planned Event: Coordinates Gold K Reception
    Sophomore Class Reps​– 2 or more plus 1 Treasurer and 1 or more Hospitality Rep
         Planned Fundraising Events: target­$2­4,000
              Best Seat in the House
              Innisbrook Wrapping Paper Sale
              VFW Parent Party (?)
    Freshman Class Reps​– 2 or more plus 1 Treasurer and 1 or more Hospitality Rep
         Planned Fundraising Event: Wine Tasting Party­ target $2­4,000

    Staff Appreciation –Leadership team with one lead­ Staff Appreciation is the function that celebrates and honors our teachers and staff with meals and treats throughout the year.

    ● Oversees, plans and provides
         o Opening day breakfast.
         o 2 fall conference dinners.
         o St. Nick’s treats day in December.
         o Soup luncheon in January.
         o 2 second semester conference dinners.
         o Staff Appreciation week offering and
         o Final, end­of­year luncheon.
    ● Prepares budget and orders supplies and food as necessary.
    ● Seeks food donations from businesses and negotiates prices as much as possible.
    ● Utilizes volunteers to set up, serve and prepare food for staff.
    ● Maintains and utilizes some sort of electronic listing of possible parent donors ( Sign Up Genius or another vehicle)
    ● Requests parent donations of prepared foods as needed.
    ● Acknowledges all donors through table tents and/or posters.
    ● Presents all events and cleans up.
    ● Attempts to accommodate food allergies.
    ● Submits final report to Executive Committee.

    Freshman Day Welcome Wagon – This is the morning when Freshmen and their families come to KHS for orientation. The PPO rep(s) coordinates the organizations, orders the needed number of tables, secures the decorations and purchases and serves refreshments for the event. PPO rep(s) edit and have printed ( by KHJS Administration) a description of all of the parent­ sponsored organizations at KHS for distribution.

    ● Works with Principal’s Office on Freshman Day details.
    ● Coordinates information with other KHS organizations for printing and then distribution at Freshman Day.
    ● Mans the PPO’s Freshman Day Welcome Wagon information table. Should have information about donation, sign ups and escrip available.
    ● Enlists volunteers to assist.
    ● Decorates table with cloths from closet or with material cloths from KHS and Central Office.
    ● Decides upon the need for refreshments/coffee/mints/water and purchases and serves same.
    ● Decides upon name tags for parents and if desired, purchases same.
    ● Submits final report to Executive Committee after event.

    Dance Coordinator(s) ​(Snowcoming/Friendship Dance)

    ● Coordinates both dances when Friendship Dance is at KHS.
    ● Develops plan for and recruits chaperones and any other needed volunteers.
    ● Assesses need for coat check function and staffs as appropriate.
    ● Decorates and provides refreshments.
    ● Sets up and tears down.
    ● Submits final report to Executive Committee.

    Beautification​­ This Committee is responsible for assessing the need for beautification in areas outside and even within the walls of KHS. Committee implements plan in accordance with budget allocation.

    ● Organizes beautification plan in conjunction with school administration.
    ● Prepares budget if needs are outside of the budget proposed by the KHS PPO BOD.
    ● Organizes and helps to staff work sessions to effect plan.
    ● Prepares final report for Executive Committee.

    African American Achievement​–

    ● Works with Principal Romona Miller to provide refreshments (Cupcakes and Capri Suns used in the past) for Celebration which occurs during Academic Homeroom.
    ● Sets up refreshments.
    ● Attend Awards Ceremony as Representative of PPO or requests President to attend.

    Kirkwood School District Foundation Liaison – This person is the KSDF Ambassador to KHS and reports at all PPO meetings on the status of various KSDF events and initiatives.

    ● Represents KSDF at all PPO Executive Committee meetings and reports on KSDF actions and efforts.
    ● Encourages PPO members to attend KSDF events including Chili Bowl and Spring Fling.
    ● Reports any relevant PPO issues and suggestions to the KSDF Board.

    Fundraising / Social / Restaurant Nights / E­scrip

    ● Books spring end­of­year and fall welcome kick­off party perhaps at Kirkwood Park.
    ● Plans quarterly post­PPO meeting socials and any other desired social events.
    ● Coordinates and helps to publicize Downtown Kirkwood shopping night(s) in December in conjunction with the School Store Night(s) and a restaurant night.
    ● Works with local restaurants to book and publicize all ½ day and other restaurant fundraisers.
    ● Works with Communications Coordinator to publicize the need for e­scrip donations.
    ● Mans registration table offering e­scrip key fobs and cards to new KHS families. Offers instructions on how to switch charity receiving e­scrip funds to KHS PPO. Considers implementation of an immediate sign up system at Registration and Open House.
    ● Submits final report to Executive Committee.

    After Prom Party​–This event is held the night of Prom at a location determined by the Junior Class Principal and the APP Chair. The event usually begins at least 1­ ½ hour before Prom officially ends.

    ● Works with Administration and Prom Committee to decide upon APP location and budget.
    ● Books the facility and secures a contract and payment of deposit.
    ● Plans party including gifts, door prizes, publicity, staffing and chaperoning, food, etc.
    ● May develop a yearly survey to assess the interest in the event so that an appropriate booking can occur..
    Reports to Executive Committee on results of survey. (Can use Survey Monkey for 10 free questions).
    ● Submits final report to Executive Committee.

    Baccalaureate Service ­ This service celebrates the graduating class and its families. Local clergy are invited to participate.

    ● Plans all activities for Baccalaureate for graduating seniors.
    ● Books facility one year in advance.
    ● Recruits Baccalaureate speakers and musicians
    ● Organizes Honor Society members from the junior class to serve as ushers.
    ● Coordinates printing of program and publicity
    ● Submits final report to Executive Committee.